Frequently Asked Questions

What is

We are a FREE website allowing people to check a website to find out who the owner is and check if it looks suspicious.

What do I do if the website I check is reported as suspicous / High Risk?

It's up to you! We rate sites based on over 150 different criteria. Some of which you may not care about. For example is really based in china - if you don't care then fine. The risk rating is really there as a guide.

What do I do if I disagree with your rating?

Please let us know ! Click the "Report a false positive" button and send us a mail letting us know why you disagree and we will take a look and adjust the rating where appropriate.

Why does the check take so long?

Sometimes, checking a website can take a bit of time. Whilst we try our best at making things snappy... we have to check many things and have to contact some third parties some of which may be in foreign countries. We want to provide an accurate rating and this can take time. Whilst it may be a minute of your precious time... the benefits can far outweigh that if we stop you from ordering from a malaysian fake site !

What do you get from all of this ?

At the moment - nothing ! We are consumers that have been ripped off by a fraud site and we were incensed by the fact the site was pretending to be a UK website! One day maybe the advertising revenue might help us pay for some nice looking buttons :-)

If you rate a site very safe - does that mean I am totally safe from problems?

No! Our rating is guide. Normal common sense needs to prevail. We try our best to provide an accurate and measured rating but you also need to know that companies can still change hands, go out of business or use very under-handed techniques to pretend or cloak their real identity. We can't catch and report every single site every single time...(not yet anyway)

There are other sites, such as norton, google, mcafee that report the site
     as safe so what's the difference with you ?

Indeed ! There are many sites and services our there. Most if not all of these other sites are reporting on virus, malware or community based criteria. We are unique in that we are trying to amalgamate many different sources of information and report more detailed information such as where we think the website is really from. It's not a 100% science but our algorithm is changing constantly catch these rascals.. There are so many fraud and fake sites popping up and we provide the data to help you identify these.

So What's in this for you - are you selling Trust Seals?

After purchasing fake items ourselves, we set this free service up to help others. We do this for the love of the internet and to help others. We don't sell anything and our Trust Seals are free! The few adverts we show cover our server costs...but thats it. We put in a huge amount of personal time to hopefully stop people getting ripped off. For those that like what we are doing - why not buy us a latte?!